GREEN DEAL HOUSES (GDH) – Sustainable Living For A Greener Future!

Green Deal Houses Holding BV (GDH) aims to promote sustainable housing and develop innovative concepts that enable an environmentally friendly lifestyle. One of her approaches is in the field of ‘Tiny Houses and ‘Kleinwohnformen’ to intelligently reduce the living space per resident, to make the use of materials more sustainable and to reduce them and thus minimize the CO2 footprint. Green Deal Houses Holding focuses on the Green Deal agreement of the European Union and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

A central aspect for GDH is that it not only focuses on the physical living space, but especially on the people who live in these houses and may also want to spend their old age in them. Sustainable building materials, innovative energy generation and storage concepts and holistic mobility concepts play a decisive role in this. The aim is to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that has a positive effect on residents while protecting the environment.

Another important subject of Green Deal Houses is the development of sustainable green holiday parks. Existing parks need to be redeveloped and new parks created to make the tourism sector more environmentally friendly and improve work-life balance. These measures also contribute to the reduction of aviation in the tourism sector. Not only ecological aspects are taken into consideration, but also the needs of nature and its local population.

GDH plans projects inside and outside the European Union that support sustainable and green tourism locally and significantly improve conditions for nature and residents. Both traditional knowledge is transferred and individuals are given the opportunity to participate in building sustainable tourism.

Green Deal Houses Holding consists of a group of interdisciplinary experts with years of relevant experience in real estate development, business administration and law. By bundling these diverse fields of knowledge, as a commitment to the growing need for sensible interaction between people and nature, more and more investors are also willing to invest in our new concepts instead of traditional investment in purely commercial markets.

The foundation of Green Deal Houses consists of traditionally proven concepts, but interpreted according to contemporary needs. This includes, for example, ideas such as less living space per person, but which are adapted to the needs of today. In addition, modern concepts such as ‘coworking spaces’, ‘bike/car sharing’ and cross-border public transport are integrated. The combination of traditional and modern approaches makes it possible, together with specialist companies, governments and investors, to develop exactly those innovative concepts that can serve as a blueprint for other regions in Europe.






GDH brings stakeholders and shareholders together for their projects and successfully implements them for the benefit of people and the environment. Through this dedicated collaboration and the focus on sustainable innovations, an important contribution is made to creating a greener and liveable future!