The foundation of Green Deal Houses (Holding) BV (GDH) is formed by three core specializations, which together guarantee:

  1. Architecture: Jo Rutzen (Link: Jo Rutzen – LinkedIn ) (link: naar jorutzenholdingbv.com )
  2. Project / Business and concept development: Bart Borghans (link: Bart Borghans | XING)
  3. Construction/housing and contract law.

These 3 parties together founded Green Deal Houses (Holding) / GDH in March 2023;

This in the conviction that new, better living environments with a lasting good balance between people, nature and living and recreational space must be created. Key words here include: optimization of available living and landscape space, use of bio-based building materials, sustainability, regenerative energy generation & storage, providing environmentally friendly (own) water purification, etc.

Many of these matters are also described in the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals – United Nations – Dutch (unric.org) -Dutch, Sustainable Development Goals remain EU’s “compass” (unric.org) – English

17 Ziele – Vereinte Nationen – Regionales Informationszentrum für Westeuropa (unric.org) – Deutsch

and the EU Green Deal Agreement concluded in the last year: English: ( A Renovation Wave for Europe – greening our buildings, creating jobs, improving lives ) Dutch: A renovation wave for Europe – greener buildings, more jobs, better quality of life ), German: A wave of renovations for Europe – greener buildings, more jobs and better living conditions Hence our company name: Green Deal Houses with the proposition: Sustainable living for a greener future!

Bart Borghans and Jo Rutzen together form the board and conduct the day-to-day management. They are happy to discuss the project possibilities in/for your (immediate) environment with you.

Contact them at: info@gdhbv.com

Jo Rutzen, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) en architect

More than 25 years ago, Jo Rutzen entered the captivating world of real estate and construction development. Since then, he has continued his professional journey with great enthusiasm, always aiming to create sustainable living environments where both humans and nature take center stage.

His career started with drafting contemporary building plans and revising outdated ones to meet changing demands. Over the years, he has participated in various contests for lifelong living and has been deeply involved in developing dementia care homes and planning a dementia village. He has also established childcare centers and crafted concepts for eco-friendly holiday parks, which fall within his areas of expertise.

Jo Rutzen strongly believes in sustainable construction methods that safeguard the environment. He is committed to regenerative energy generation and storage, as well as environmentally friendly water purification. He envisions mobility concepts for small communities that seamlessly integrate car-sharing and public transportation.

Another crucial facet of his work is the concept of “Multi-Generational Living.” In this regard, he takes into account the different Sinus Milieus to develop tailor-made solutions that align with the needs and lifestyles of people.

Promoting a balanced “life-work balance” and creating nature-rich gardens that support health and biodiversity are of significant importance to him. The social aspect of projects always takes precedence.

As a co-founder and board member of the nonprofit organization Tiny ways e.V. (Anbi) (www.tinyways.de), he provides free advice to local and provincial authorities to enable human-oriented (area/residential) developments right from the outset.

Thanks to his familial roots and connections with Dutch friends and business partners, he has successfully expanded his activities to the Netherlands. He looks forward to applying his years of experience and expertise in sustainable real estate projects there.

Through his company, ‘Jo Rutzen Holding bv,’ he partners with and collaborates closely with Green Deal Houses (Holding) BV (GDH) to realize sustainable projects in the realm of real estate and tourism. Together with their partners, they strive to create living environments that hold value for future generations and have a positive impact on both people and nature. His passion for sustainable living environments drives him every day.

Jo Rutzen and his team of architects are ready to assist in bringing your project to life.

Goodbye for now!

Jo Rutzen

Bart Borghans (CEO) Chief Executive Officer – Building Concept & Business Development

Bart is an extremely competent and driven professional with over 25 years of experience in (construction) project and business management, coupled with extensive international exposure. His leadership is visionary and empowers him to strategize, coordinate, and successfully manage complex business and construction concepts, always with the goal of maximizing company/project performance.

His broad business background boasts an excellent track record acquired through (interim) management and executive positions, in both private and public sectors. His core competencies and skills encompass International Business & Communication (Marcom B), Business & Commercial Management, Logistics & Personnel Management (KMO), and Financial Management (RuG). This background enables him to lead diverse and multicultural teams, ranging from architects and engineers to contractors and suppliers, achieving set goals and delivering high-quality results, even in the most demanding and dynamic environments.

His expertise includes an in-depth understanding of project lifecycles, cost control, risk management, and quality assurance, while ensuring the preservation of the company’s vision and strategy in tackling complex technical and financial challenges.

In addition to his business and communication skills, Bart possesses extensive technical insight, crucial for establishing robust work relationships and motivating diverse project teams. He is adept at fostering collaboration among various (project) stakeholders, including internal and external stakeholders, governments, non-profit and commercial entities, and individuals; this is pivotal for successful project achievements.

With his holding, Barts Biz BV, he is one of the three partners of Green Deal Houses (Holding) BV, where he, alongside Jo Rutzen, forms the daily management. They are ready to assist you in realizing your project!

Goodbye for now!

Bart Borghans